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We were put on this earth to make booze like nobody else, and god dammit, that's what we're going to do. These are the spirits of our time.

Brandy Drinks

great cocktail recipes for gin and brandy flavored with shiso, lemongrass, garam masala. Cocktail recipes utilizing Amaro and bitter liqueurs. Made with local honey.

the pool is now open...recipes

All of our brandies are vapor distilled, typically with fresh green ingredients. Like the gins, they are highly sippable.  

They plug into more traditional spirit cocktails quite well. Turn those classics on their head.  The Oakland Aero Club JC Mars Amaro is the first in a series of our playful and Cali-centric takes on this classic category.



"Hi, I was born of a collaboration between OsCo and the great minds at East Bay Spice Company. They wanted a spirit that spanned the Indian culinary flavor profile. Twenty iterations later, voila, the Trade Winds was set free. Vapor distilled fresh cilantro, garam masala, and Assam tea."


  • surprisingly versatile and a punch-up chameleon in cocktails.

  • loves being mixed with lime juice.

  • great with tropical fruit juice.

  • can plug into most classic gin and tiki cocktails.

Bombay Libre: 2 ½ oz Trade Winds, 3oz Mexican Coke, ½ a lime. Combine all in a highball glass filled with ice. Squeeze ½ lime in and drop in. Great with a bit of Bénédictine added. 

Trade Winds & Tonic:2 ½ oz Trade Winds, 3oz Fever Tree Light Tonic (or any quality tonic with less sugar), ½ a lime. Combine all in a highball glass filled with ice. Squeeze ½ lime in and drop in. Great with a bit of fennel pollen if you live in Portland and have some just lying around.  

Cuna Gimlet: 2oz Trade Winds, ¾oz simple syrup, ¾oz lime juice. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and all ingredients. Stir and strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with the cucumber wheel and serve immediately.

Garam 50/50 Martini: 2oz Trade Winds, ½oz Lo-Fi dry vermouth (prominent fennel flavor), ½oz sweet vermouth, bar-spoon Green Chartreuse. Stirred, strained, up. Top with Chartreuse and expressed lime peel.

Lassie Come Home: 2oz Trade Winds, 1oz limejuice, 1oz honey syrup, ½ cup frozen mango chunks, 1/8 cup Greek yogurt, a pinch of chili powder. Blend and serve. Zested lime garnish.

Punjabi by Nature: 1 ½oz Trade Winds, ½ oz Sea Gin, 1 ½oz cucumber shrub (google it), ¾ oz lime juice. Shaken, strained, and served up with a cucumber. (East Bay Spice Co. creation.)





All of us OsCo folks love the umami roller coaster that is shiso. A simple Japanese green but with a flavor profile as complex as an entire meal. We were tickled pink when we discovered that the vapor distilled compound tastes exactly like eating the leaf. Maybe even more so...


  • great with any style of ginger flavored soda and bubbles in general.

  • surprisingly, smells and behaves like Rye Whiskey and is a great replacement in Manhattans and Old Fashions. also, can replace agave spirits and Shōchū in cocktails.

  • loves to be mixed with mint and any sour citrus, especially kumquats.

Shiso Julep: 2oz Shiso, 1 ½ oz watermelon juice, ½ oz Irish whiskey, three big torn mint leaves. Shake to chill and strain over crushed ice into highball. Add 2 dashes of Angostura orange bitters + straw.

Shiso Bizness: Muddle 4 sliced up kumquats and 4 torn mint leaves in a highball. Fill with ice. 2oz Shiso brandy. Top with Q-ginger or fever tree ginger. Garnish with mint.

Shiso-rita: 1 ½ oz Shiso brandy, ¾ oz lime juice, ¼ oz Mezcal, ¾ oz curaçao, shaken, Salt rim, Shiso leaf garnish,

Shiso Manhattan: 2oz Shiso brandy, ⅕ oz Mezcal, ¼ oz amaro (we like Montenegro for this), ¼ oz Dolin Dry Vermouth, 2 dashes of orange bitters, expressed orange peel garnish. Stirred, served up in a coupe

 Shiso Japanese: 1 ½ oz Shiso brandy, ¼ oz honey syrup (60:40 water:honey), ¼ oz chilled green tea, ½  teaspoon pickled plum brine, 3 drops celery bitters. Stir and strain into coupe.

Dame Fortune: 2oz Shiso brandy, ½ tsp. Tamarind paste, ½ oz coconut liqueur, ½ oz lime juice. Shake and strain. Garnished with a shiso leaf. {Cocktail by Rye Bar} 

Splitting Heirs: 2oz Shiso brandy, ½ oz Carpano Bianco, ½ oz Kina l'aero d'or, One giant Thai iced tea and simple syrup ice cube. Pour all in a low ball over the ice cube. {Cocktail by Blind Tiger}





Inspired by a nori foraging stroll on the Mendocino Coast. The on-shore was kicking up whims of yarrow, myrtle, wild artichoke, bay, and sage. So that’s what we did. We also steeped some classic bittering seeds, roots, peels, and resins. Sweetened with local honey and some wood induced color finished it off.


  • it’s basically a cocktail in a bottle. just add ice.

  • loves doing laps with bubbles and honey syrups.

  • strangely, goes well in plays on old fashions and Manhattans.

Gold Negroni: 1.5oz each J.C. Mars and Sea Gin (or any contemporary/savory gin), .5oz Dry Vermouth, and a pinch of salt to a mixer. Add ice. Stir and strain into a rocks glass over a big cube. Express, rub on rim, and drop in an orange peel. 

Adult Spritz: 1oz each London Dry Gin and J.C. Mars, .5oz lemon juice, .5oz honey syrup (1h:2w), and ice to cocktail shaker. Shake. Strain into wine glass filled with ice. Top with 3oz of Prosecco and an expressed grapefruit peel.

Porch Swing: 2oz J.C. Mars, 3oz club soda, .5oz honey syrup (1h:1w). Fill Collins glass with crushed or small ice, pour all ingredients in, squeeze an orange wedge in, mix up, garnish with expressed orange peel. add straw, suck.

New Fashion: 1.5oz J.C. Mars, 1oz Bourbon, sugar cube, orange peel, 2 cases Angostura orange bitters, 2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters. Add sugar cube and orange peel to a rocks glass, hit with both bitters, muddle until sugar is broken down, add booze, and finish with a big ice cube.